1-way Tracking Sensor


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Product Description

Product use:

1, meter pulse data sampling

2, fax machines paper shredders detection

3, obstacle detection

4, black and white line detection

product description:

1, TCRT5000 infrared reflective sensor

2, detects the reflected distance: 1mm ~ 25mm Applicable

3, the working voltage: 5V

4, the output format: digital signal (0 and 1)

5, a fixed bolt hole for easy installation

6, small PCB board size: 3.5cm x 1cm

7, unit weight: 4.5g


TCRT5000 sensors constantly emit infrared infrared emitting diodes, infrared rays emitted when reflected or not reflected but the intensity is not big enough, the infrared receiver has been in the off state, then the output of the module is low, indicating diode remains off state; when the object appeared to be detected in the detection range, the infrared rays are reflected back and of sufficient intensity, infrared receiver tube saturation, the output side module is high, indicator LED is lit.


1, VCC: positive power supply (5V)

2, GND: power supply is negative

3, OUT: high / low switch signal (digital signal 0 and 1)


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