37 in 1 Kit without case


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Product Description

This 37 in 1 Arduino Sensor Kit has every imaginable sensors for input and outputs for all your arduino projects. Housed in a clear plastic container for storage.

Package Contents:

1. Joystick module
2. Infrared sensor receiving module
3. Laser sensor module
4. Temperature and humidity sensor module
5. Infrared sensor module
6. 5v Relay module
7. Obstacle avoidance, smart car infrared photoelectric switch sensor
8. Heartbeat Detect module
9. Microphone sensor module
10. Metal touch sensor module
11. Flame sensor module
12. Color LED module
13. Line sensor module
14. Magnetic linear hall sensor
15. Rotary encoder module
16. Buzzer module
17. Magic light cup module
18. Passive buzzer module
19. Digital temperature sensor module
20. Light module
21. Temperature sensor module
22. Double color LED module
23. Mercury medallion module
24. Hall magnetic sensor module
25. 3 color SMD full color LED module
26. Mini reed module
27. Tilt switch module
28. Automatic flashing LED module
29. Button switch module
30. Resistance module
31. Switching module
32. Knock sensor module
33. Temperature sensor module
34. Hall magnetic sensor
35. Microphone sound sensor module
36. Big reed module
37. Double color LED module


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