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3mm Photodiode Flat Head


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Product Description

Wavelength: 880 – 1300nm
Active area: 0,20 – 0,9mm
Responsivity: 0,55 – 0,9A/W
Dark current: 1,0 – 30,0pA
The photo diodes in the infrared spectral range are available in hermetically sealed housings as well as in SMD and 3 or 5-mm housings. The spectral sensitivity is calibrated to available LED types, so you can perform narrowband absorption measurements without the need for additional filters.

These photo diodes provide a high signal-to-noise ratio, even in the presence of extraneous light. The capture dynamics are guaranteed even at high temperatures. That enables them to be used in track position sensors, for hand detection in danger areas or as a monitor diode for IR lasers.

Secure: high sensitivity and interference-free signal transfer
Reliable: optimum suppression of undesired spectral ranges
Stable: minimal changes to the photocurrent over an extended period, reliable operation even at high temperatures thanks to high signal-to-noise ratio
Cost-saving: no need for additional spectral filters
Fields of Application
Automotive industry: for rain sensors, lane departure warning systems, digital data transmission in vehicles
Traffic safety: for daylight/tunnel sensors
Medical technology: for diagnosis and therapy, e.g for fluorescence analyses, blood tests
Security technology: for spectrally selective light barriers
Metrology: measurement and monitoring of optical radiation sources, e.g. flame detection and water disinfection


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