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7-inch Touch TFT LCD Module MCU Bus Super Anti-jamming MD070SD

Applicable CPU: 51, AVR, STM32, PIC, MSP430, DSP, ARM , etc.
MD070SD 8080 16bit parallel bus interface timing resolution of 800 × 480, 16M color display panel , an integrated 8 -inch display ( can use up memory when using extended memory ) . Internal module using CPLD + SDRAM driven RGB interface display, implemented in RGB interface between the bus interface and conversion also offers a range of useful features, please refer to the following detailed register descriptions and Demo program.
Stability in the work of the module with super anti-jamming capability , far beyond SSD1963 driver program on the market , SSD1963 interference poor, black and white crash risk .
Function, this module provides eight memory can write data back , a command instantly switch full screen display data , far beyond the RA8875 driver program on the market .
Control MD070SD eliminates the cumbersome general TFT controller initialization code needed , MD070SD without initialization, just need to do a reset operation can begin work . Only need to use at least five stacker instruction can operate normally. Greatly simplifies the amount of code the program , reducing the difficulty of debugging and error probability of the program.
Fast response speed of the control panel can reach 200ns read and write cycles. Fastest achieve full screen refresh rate of 13 frames , integrated 8MB SDRAM buffer corresponding to eight displays . Showing page register read and write page register set independently , the currently displayed page and the pages can be read different pages , facilitate the achievement of the back is written , full page fast switching.
TFT drivers are optimized timing and circuit design to ensure accurate color reduction, display a stable , flicker or eliminate channeling color , and provides LED backlight driver , the brightness from 0 (off ) to 16 ( full ) between regulation.
Backlight Control :
300Hz PWM signal to drive the backlight , high energy conversion efficiency and flicker effects. When the backlight register is set to 0, the backlight turns off. Register on the backlight power-on reset value is 0 , to avoid display Huaping on power , can clear the screen when the power first , then turn on the backlight . Backlit maximum value of 16 (0x10), will be ignored when writing to a value greater than 16.
The ranks of the address is written :
The ranks of the address corresponding to the internal RAM address obtained from the control panel operation , the user does not need to calculate the correspondence between the ranks of the RAM address directly enter coordinates address.
The ranks of the address increment direction :
The ranks of the address increment direction can be configured ” address increment direction register (0x0D)” to achieve. When sequential write , the address is automatically incremented by 1. The control panel can be set to automatically increment the row direction or the column direction address address auto increment. In case of weekend cycling trip to the beginning of the line.
Read and write data channel
When read display data , to ensure that the value of the work register is set to 0x0F, select point data path ; read display data working registers can not be modified for other values , otherwise read into not succeed.
Reset and Initialization

REST pin control reset. Reset procedure : pull low , sustained more than 5ms (recommended 8ms); then pulled high, sustained more than 5ms (recommended 8ms), may be accepted only after the data is written .

Sample Code ( 8051 )
/ / Set the starting and ending addresses
void Address_set (unsigned int x1, unsigned int y1, unsigned int x2, unsigned int y2)
LCD_WR_REG (0x02) ;/ / start y
LCD_WR_REG (0x03) ;/ / start x
LCD_WR_REG (0x06) ;/ / end y
LCD_WR_REG (0x07) ;/ / end x
LCD_WR_REG (0x0f);
void Lcd_Init (void)

LCD_RD = 1;
LCD_WR = 1;
delayms (8); / / Here guaranteed to have more than 8ms
delayms (8); / / Here guaranteed to have more than 8ms
LCD_CS = 0; / / Open Chip Enable

LCD_WR_REG (0x01); / / turn on the backlight

/ / Clear screen function
/ / Color: To clear the screen filled with color
void LCD_Clear (u16 Color)
u8 VH, VL;
u16 i, j;
VH = Color >> 8;
VL = Color;
Address_set (0,0, LCD_W-1, LCD_H-1);
for (i = 0; i <LCD_W; i + +)
for (j = 0; j <LCD_H; j + +)

If you do not use multi-page memory function , can be used like normal TFT controller operating as it does not matter accumulation associated memory page , a power-on default page for the operating section 0 , page also displays the first 0 . If you are using a multi-page memory, add the following two functions to set the page to :

void WritePage (unsigned char index) / / set the current operation page , power-on default is 0
LCD_WR_REG (0x05);
LCD_WR_DATA (index);
void ShowPage (unsigned char index) / / Set the currently displayed page , on power-up default is 0
LCD_WR_REG (0x04);
LCD_WR_DATA (index);


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