Pickit 2 Programmer Emulator


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PICKIT2 is inexpensive PIC development tools. Support the IC is less than KIT3/ICD2, but stability is better than ICD2, also off-line batch programming. KIT2 is a good choice for beginners.


The electrical performance: 100% to the original
The software features: 100% up to the original
The original firmware,can be assured by the MPLAB IDE download the algorithm, upgrade FW
The original chip imports tantalum capacitor, gold-plated connectors
High-quality transparent new material injection


PICKIT2 support of the IC can be viewed via MPLAB IDE v8.56
Open software, configure -> select device, PICKIT2 expressed support for the green light
Upgrade MPLAB IDE, PICKIT2 will support more devices

Package including:
1 x Pickit2 Programmer
1 x ISCP Programming cable
1 x 6pin Pin Header (Already on ISCP Cable)
1 x USB cable


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