RP5 robot chassis

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Product Description

High-power tank body adopts big torque motor, 280 with an inductance combination + metal bevel gear, form a big torque and low noise chassis system! With high dynamic performance is strong, the chassis stability, flexible circles, turning, etc. Is a very good platform for the embedded control.
The performance parameters:
Or: 180 mm * 135 mm*58 mm(length * width * height)
Operating voltage: 7.2 V
The working current: 160-180 mA
Maximum speed: 30 cm/s
Climbing ability: > 30 °
Payload: > 7.5 Kg
Note: the above data is only for reference; Because of difference of battery performance and site, the actual measured values and reference might be different.
Product configuration:
A battery pack
Gear set
A pair of 280 motors
Form a complete set of motor inductance of a couple
Note: default only provide tank car-body dc motor and reducer, battery holder (section 6). At least more than 3 kg load capacity. Can be more obstacles, especially suitable for the occasion of higher requirements.


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