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This is a popular LCD Keypad shield Arduino. It features a 16×2 LCD display and 6 momentary push buttons. Pins 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are used to interface with the LCD. Just one Analog Pin 0 is used to read the five pushbuttons. The LCD shield supports contrast adjustment and back-lit on/off functions. It also exposes five analog pins with DFRobot color code for easy wiring.


Operating Voltage:5V
5 Push buttons to supply a custom menu control panel
RST button for resetting arduino program
Integrate a potentiometer for adjusting the backlight
Pin used:
D4-D7 -> LCD Data transmission
D8 -> Register Select
D9 -> Enable pin
D10 -> Backlight control
APC&BT pin header for connecting wireless devices, directly compatible with:
APC220 Radio Communication Module
DFRobot Bluetooth V3
Expanded available I/O pins
Expanded Analog Pinout with standard DFRobot configuration for fast sensor extension
Dimension: 80 x 58 mm

Link to Sample Test Code:



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