SW-200D Tilt Switch


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1, the switch using metal manufacturing, electrical characteristics and mercury switches are similar but not the risk of mercury switches and environmental issues, while shaking unidirectional conducting the same characteristics, the assembly of the use of more convenient and safe;
2, Operating Characteristics: Switch in the stationary state, as shown in Figure (ON) side below the level of 15 degrees, the switch is in the ON state; when (OFF) side below the level of 15 degrees, the switch is in the OFF state; when achieved by external shaking shaking force, or set the conduction angle, the conductive pin electrical characteristics will produce short or continuous conduction.
3, when the electrical characteristics of the open state to be restored (OFF) when the switch is set to the environment must be static, and the (OFF) is set to be lower than the level of the open end angle;
4, the switch all materials are manufactured using environmentally friendly raw materials, in line with ROHS requirements;
5, when the switch below the horizontal angle of 15 degrees, shaking hard trigger conduction;
6, the trigger switch for low current circuit, does not apply when the power switch;
7, this switch is a sealed package, dustproof and waterproof.
The switch is lacoste type better than the single bead type conduction effect
Electrical parameters:
Maximum operating voltage (Vmax): 12V
Maximum operating current (Imax): 2mA
Open resistance: greater than 10M
Resistance: less than 5 ohm
Ambient temperature: less than 100 degrees
Life: 500,000 times


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